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Fadmagmor application field


As a natural biological activity substance, melatonin is mainly concentrated in the following aspects: its extensive application fields:

1. In the field of health products: In the field of health products, melatonin is widely used to improve sleep, regulate biological clocks, and antioxidant. All kinds of health products such as melatonin, such as melatonin soft capsules, melatonin tablets and other products are favored by consumers.

2. Cosmetics field: In the field of cosmetics, melatonin is widely used in skin care products and makeup, and the effect of beauty and beauty is achieved by its antioxidant and improvement of sleep.

3. Drugs: In the field of drugs, melatonin is used as a drug for treatment of insomnia, time difference, depression and other related diseases.

4. Other areas: In addition to the above fields, melatonin is also used in related diseases such as improving time difference, treatment of depression, and use as growth promoters in some animal feed.

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