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What are the benefits of melatonin?


Melatonin is a kind of hormone that induces natural sleep. It overcomes sleep disorders by regulating human natural sleep and improves sleep quality. The biggest difference between it and other sleeping pills is that melatonin is not addictive and has no obvious side effects. Orally 1-2 tablets before going to bed at night (about 1.5-3mg of melatonin), usually sleepiness can be produced within 20 or thirty minutes, and the melanin in the morning will automatically lose efficiency. After getting up, you will not wake up. But it feels like.

Postpone aging

The pineal gland of the elderly gradually reduced, and the secreted MEL decreased accordingly. The amount of MEL in the body in the body is insufficient, leading to aging and disease.

Scientists call the pineal body the "aging clock" of the human body. When we supplement MEL from the body, we can get back the clock.