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N-Acetyl-5-METHOXYTRPTAMINE specialty


Blasting melancher can improve sleep, shorten the time before bed awakening and sleep time, improve the quality of sleep, the number of awakenings during sleep is significantly reduced, the light sleeping phase is short, the deep sleep phase is prolonged, and the threshold of the wake -up in the next morning decreases. Have a strong adjustment time difference function. 

It is mainly used to increase the white moisturizing cosmetics and is also commonly used in hair products. At home and abroad, the biological functions of melatonin have been widely studied, especially the health care functions of dietary supplements, indicating that it has many physiological functions such as promoting sleep, regulating timing differences, anti -aging, regulating immunity, and anti -tumor. The health care function of melatonin at home and abroad involves regulating endocrine (inhibitory ovulation), which has a protective effect on encephalitis virus infection, and reduces its mortality after infection, the treatment of AIDS and the protection of cardiovascular.

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