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What are the effects of melatonin?


Melalene is a hormone that is synthesized by pinealine. It is most well known for people to improve sleep. The pine cone gonad secretion is manifested as a strong physiological cycle law, which is related to alternation day and night. The amount of secretion during the day and the large amount of secretion at night. By shortening the time before bed awakening and sleeping time, the number of times of wake -up during sleep is reduced; by shortening the shallow sleeping stage, extending the deep sleeping stage, the threshold of the wake -up in the next morning is reduced. So what are the effects of melatonin?

The effect of melatonin

1. Improve primary sleep disorders

Melatonin helps reduce the waiting time before going to bed, increase the total sleep time, and improve the overall sleep quality. In addition, although the improvement of melatonin's sleep disorders is lower than the treatment of insomnia, the side effects are relatively small.

2. Improve secondary sleep disorders

Melatonin reduces the time required for sleep and increases the total sleep time, but it has no obvious help to sleep.

3. Beneficial blood glucose control

Supplementing melatonin can reduce blood glucose and improve the quantitative insulin sensitivity detection index.

4. Auxiliary cancer treatment

In addition to the combination of cancer treatment methods (including chemotherapy, molecular target therapy, radiotherapy and supportive treatment), melatonin can further improve the tumor relief rate and overall survival rate. In addition, melatonin can also reduce the incidence of neurotoxicity, platelet reduction and weakness caused by chemotherapy.

5. Adjustment time difference

Melatonin helps to prevent or reduce time difference syndrome, and occasionally taking short -term use seems to be safe, and the more time zones that leap off (especially flying to the east 2 to 4 time areas), the greater the benefit, and the flying westward The benefits are generally smaller.

6. Relieve pain

Melatonin can significantly reduce the intensity of various pains, including surgical pain related to surgery under local anesthesia, pain -related pain, inflammatory pain, program pain and experimental pain under local anesthesia.
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