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Introduction to the characteristics of sclareol and the use of sclareol


As a compound substance, Sclareol comes from Sclareus, a plant that is mainly produced in the mountainous area of northern Shanxi. It is very rich in esters because of its extraordinary aroma. Pure and authentic, so it has won the attention of many users. Briefly introduce the nature of this flower grain.

Sclareol is a white crystalline powder, mp 95-105C, with an ambergris-like aroma, delicate aroma, strong diffusion and long-lasting smell, which can give the essence a vivid, harmonious and long-lasting aroma. Sclareol is an ideal raw material for the synthesis of ambergris products. It is mainly used for the synthesis of natural ambergris substitutes such as sclareolactone and ambroxol, and it is also used for the preparation of flavors in a small area. It is worth mentioning that sclareol also has antibacterial and bactericidal activities.

In the daily application process, sclareol has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used in the production process of flavors and fragrances and cigarettes. At the same time, it can be applied to some cosmetics, health food and food additives, etc. this substance. In addition, sclareol can also be used to synthesize ambergris-amber fragrance, and it is more suitable for use in perfume essence when its fragrance-fixing property is used directly for fragrance adjustment.
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